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jerseygirl1986's Journal

18 January 1986
I would describe myself as a creative and thoughtful individual who is a little out of the ordinary. I enjoy spending time on my own as much as I enjoy doing so with friends and family. I have qualifications from high school and college and in the near future am set to apply for an open university degree to further my prospects. I am in full time employmentm have been so for a couple of years and am saving for my dream holidays to Australia and New Zealand. I love to travel and have so far been to Cyprus, Tenerife, Croatia, Jersey, Benidorm and America (twice). For me there is very little more exciting than getting on a plane and knowing that in a few hours you'll be in a completely new environment with new people to meet and things to discover. There's a whole world out there and, as long as it may take, I intend to see it.