Writer's Block: Your own toy story
Did you have a favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or doll growing up? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

I do indeed have a favourite stuffed animal (or teddy) as it actually is. It's a pink panther teddy that I have had for as long as I can remember (I'm now 25).
When I was first given him, he had whiskers and black eyes..now the whiskers have fallen out and the black from the eyes has all but faded and worn off. I recently cleared out some stuff from my room including a number of my teddies..but there is no way I am getting rid of this one.

Writer's Block: Revenge of the midnight movie
What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Fight Club. That film changed so much for me and no doubt for countless others. It was just so different from anything there had ever been at the time and with Edward Norton in what I believe to be his best ever role and David Fincher at the helm, it blew people's minds (and still does). Even today, it can be found in film TV channels rundowns of the 50/100 films to see before you die. Well, at least there's one I can scratch of my list then...

Happy Belated Birthdays!!
 Sorry for the late post but I hope titans flowing_fire and soxdamnxcute had awesome birthdays!! xxx

Writer's Block: From beyond
If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?

I think I would find myself haunting a favourite music venue or a library. I always found comfort, solace and often friendship through music or via a love of literature and to watch as other people may experience similar things would be interesting I think. I'd find it quite pleasing and then could happily haunt said building(s) happily in the knowledge that more people have found others they have a connection with.

Writer's Block: Band on the run
Which song associated with musician Paul McCartney is your favorite, and why?

Oooh tough call, but I'm probably gonna have to cheat and go with two.. 'Hey Jude' and 'Yesterday'.
Hey Jude will always be a favourite of mine because I have seen (not personally unfortunately) McCartney end many shows with it and to see the reactions of the audiences as they sing along is just amazing.
'Yesterday' is a song I grew up with thanks to my Dad. He's 69  and grew up on Merseyside, home of the Beatles. He grew up listening to their music and in turn, I listened to it too. I used to hear the song on the radio all the time and even when I was feeling happy, or sad, I would always be able to find myself singing along.
If forced to make a choice between the two songs, Yesterday would be my ultimate pick..my favourite Beatles song and just one of those tracks I think everyone needs to hear at least once.

Writer's Block: See you on the other side
If you could find out what happens after you die, would you want to know?

Writer's Block: Apocalypse now?
It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?

Happy Birthdays Galore!
 Hoping that lamp_of_fate d_garmo71 and echelonizi have awesome birthdays :-D xxx

I have been excited about my Vegas trip in September since I booked the tickets for me and a friend and booked my flights. I am pissed off that said excitement is waning due to said friend not responding to any messages I sent her asking for just some of the funds I am owed.
She is already in the states so has far less finance issues to worry about regarding the trip and because she wasn't online at the time of tickets going on sale, I kindly (or is it foolishly...I'm trying to decide right now cos I am pissed off) got hers for her on the promise she'd pay up. I'm still waiting.
Because of the dress code for the Vegas show, and the fact that, deep down, I'm quite a tomboy and like my jeans way too much, me and said friend scoured the internet to find me some good outfits. I suggested, once said outfits were found on a well known American website, that she order them for me and bring them with her to Vegas; that way she could pay back some of the money she owed and I wouldn't have to fork out on stupidly high shipping costs...still waiting for that to be sorted too.
I have known this friend for about two years (I met her for the first time last september) - so am I wrong to be disappointed in her and her lack of apparent respect for me as well as the fact I've gone out of my way to ensure she can have a good time in Vegas too?
I am hoping this gets resolved and she responds to my messages in the next few days... if not, I can't help but think that the situation is going to get considerably worse..
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Happy Birthday!!
 Wishing eling1 an awesome day! xx


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