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So I posted recently about a friend of mine who I was due to attend the Vegas MARS show with in September. I took the advice I was given from some of you and gave her a few extra days to get back to me after I had messaged, BBM'd and PM'd her almost every day for over a week. Unfortunately I still got no response, and, via PM's, I was able to find two people who were interested in said gig ticket. It was sold to a twitter friend of mine a day later and I had the funds in my account within 12 hours. She will meet me in Vegas and she takes my friends' place in the hotel room I had booked. It's gonna be fun ;-D Oh, and if anyone on here is heading to any of the above shows and wanna meet up, if you want my phone number just ask ;-)

 am seriously hoping that my reports and dedication to said paper will help in my chances of media related employment should a job become available...
I am heading for some serious fall out with my parents. This morning, when I was stood by my window, having not touched my door since I shut it the night before, my mum told me to shut my door (WTF?!) as she was rupping down the plaster and framework on the outside- surely if your ripping stuff off a wall that gives more chance of opening a door rather than someone stood ten feet away?
I have so many trips lined up over the next few months; Belfast, Germany, the Reading Festival, Vegas, Tahoe and now France and my parents know nothing about any of them. I am seriously tempted not to tell them about said trips until a few days before, as, in the past, whenever I have informed them of my adventures, they have looked at me in distaste as if to argue about what I am doing and why. One of these days I am just going to find myself in the same room as them and exploding at them...I am sorta dreading that day tbh.
I know some time ago I said that my interview and review of 'The Duke Spirit' was set to be printed in my local paper. Unfortunately it wasn't as the editor I sent it to went off on long term sick and by the time other staff had located my piece in his email, two weeks had passed. However, I have got another, non MARS related, gig coming up next month - anyone here a fan of We Are The Ocean?
Think that's it for now, sorry if I sound like I rambled a bit!


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I am happy you found someone to go to the gig with and that you got the money :)

I am fortunate enough to love my job but I am really sorry you have some issues at work :( Have you thought of quitting this job and finding a new one? *hugs*

I'm happy about that too, I can't wait.
I used to not mind my job but I think I was never really meant to do the job I do (I work in retail) so Ive gotten fed up with the monotony of it all. Yes I have thought about it, unfortunately the country is in a recession atm with the unemployment rate higher than it has been in some years. I am however on the look out for other work, and soon as I get it, I am outta my current workplace I assure you! *hugs back*

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