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Some People Make Me Sick
Today I came across the video below. Watch it and be appalled at the depravity of some people. Bam Margera visits the crash site where his best friend and Jackass co star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car crash.
Roger Ebert's tweet, mentioned in the video, has caused outrage, but not so much as what so called 'fans' and visitors to the crash site have been doing with the broken remnants and reminders of the tragedy.

How anyone can just take pieces of a crash site where people lost their lives in order to potentially make some money out of it is something that disgusts me. True fans and family/friends are grieving right now and I am hoping that ebay have the common sense and decency to stop any sales of pieces of the crash going through and that sellers are charged by police for their illegal activity. I think they owe that to Ryan's family, his Jackass co stars and friends around the world.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I appreciate you sharing yours. All I can say is that the news outlets, especially in this case, do not know where their boundaries are, nor do those people who think it alright to sell pieces of the final moments of someone's life and profit from it.
I am far from a politically correct person I assure you, like many I break rules and do inconsiderate things from time to time, but even I know when not to interfere.
I posted this video to highlight the inconsiderations of others, as you say it was a private and sad moment, that should have been kept out of the public eye, but in these ciurrent times, since when is anything OUT of the public view - this is what technology and people's hunger for gossip and story, no matter how difficult or tragic, has led our planet to become.
And the end part of the video is news, it's an update on the crash and what investigators say, so please dont disgrard me posting this when you say it's just a video zoomed in on someone's is not my video, but I have watched it and, if anything, it highlights the fact that nothing is private to anyone anymore.

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