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New Wardrobe Crisis..
 I have absolutely no clue about fashion so I'm askin for your help guys. Below I will be posting links to outfits/items of clothing I like the look of. FYI I have fair skin and have dark brunettish colour hair. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback please. You may need to copy and paste links into your browser..

1. These dresses are available in three packs, each with a choice of two colours. Feel free to tell me which ones you like best.



4. - choice of 4 colours, please feel free to suggest your faves.

5. - this is the evening dress I personally really like..




Thanks guys!

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Also, I know you're out of the country, so I don't know how much this will help you, but I have this dress and its super flattering and adorable, and COMFY:

And I also have this dress, in purple:

Really any of the dresses on their site are great, they're one of my favorite stores (As I said, I dont know how much it'll help you being out of the US, but if I can help, let me know)

Good that you're doing this now, so you have PLENTY of time for shipping, etc.

Thanks for the links, the first one was quite nice actually, not too sure on the 2nd though as I've never worn much patterned clothing before. I will certainly have a browse on the site though.
As you say though, since I am in the UK, shipping, if I do buy anything from the site, will be expensive...eugh. I'm heading stateside in Sept and my clothes are the last thing I need to sort so *crosses fingers*

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