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New Wardrobe Crisis..
 I have absolutely no clue about fashion so I'm askin for your help guys. Below I will be posting links to outfits/items of clothing I like the look of. FYI I have fair skin and have dark brunettish colour hair. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback please. You may need to copy and paste links into your browser..

1. These dresses are available in three packs, each with a choice of two colours. Feel free to tell me which ones you like best.



4. - choice of 4 colours, please feel free to suggest your faves.

5. - this is the evening dress I personally really like..




Thanks guys!

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Hi there.
I have fair skin and brown hair so I've gone on what would suit me if I wasn't as large as I am! (mainly baby weight but I used to play rugby as well so...)

1.Alright, would get red/blue pack

2.Good god no. At a pinch I would wear it in bed

3.I have a dress like this in dark green! It's comfy and feminine

4.Orange or green for this one

5.Not really my type of dress. Might be okay if you are uber skinny

6.Agree with seasidh here. This is definitely a blonde dress.

7.Really like this dress one. I would wear this on a night out.

8.Hmmmm. No. I always think leopard print looks a bit tarty.

Hope this helps. x

These two are good for dresses. I like them cos they have a good selection without distressing my bank account!

thanks, I will have a look on each and post my faves to see what people think..believe me, I'm hopeless alone...

Thank you for your feedback. Ive now had two people say they really like no 7. I prob will get it but its not quite what Im looking for for my certain night out. I am going to the mars show in vegas in sept and am lookin for a splash of colour. any ideas? Im open to suggestions!

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