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New Wardrobe Crisis..
 I have absolutely no clue about fashion so I'm askin for your help guys. Below I will be posting links to outfits/items of clothing I like the look of. FYI I have fair skin and have dark brunettish colour hair. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback please. You may need to copy and paste links into your browser..

1. These dresses are available in three packs, each with a choice of two colours. Feel free to tell me which ones you like best.



4. - choice of 4 colours, please feel free to suggest your faves.

5. - this is the evening dress I personally really like..




Thanks guys!

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I'm merely going with the basics. I've worked so much with Photoshop the past years, I keep mixing "colors" in my head, like in this case xD In the end, it's absolutely your choice what you'd like to get. Orange is definitely a good color for you :) Could imagine a dark blue too *nods* Not sure about purple, I guess it also depends on the tone of the purple. 256 million possible colors out there, after all *LOL*

too many colours...argggghhhh!!! im thinking like a violet sorta purple and slightly darker shades.. ;-)

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