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New Wardrobe Crisis..
 I have absolutely no clue about fashion so I'm askin for your help guys. Below I will be posting links to outfits/items of clothing I like the look of. FYI I have fair skin and have dark brunettish colour hair. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback please. You may need to copy and paste links into your browser..

1. These dresses are available in three packs, each with a choice of two colours. Feel free to tell me which ones you like best.



4. - choice of 4 colours, please feel free to suggest your faves.

5. - this is the evening dress I personally really like..




Thanks guys!

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(Deleted comment)
I like number 1 too but Im really tryin to avoid black. I wear jeans and t shirts mostly but I am going to the Vegas mars show where jeans and t shirts are not allowed as there is a dress code...oh the stress...

Not easy to find something nice and colorful with pale skin *nods* I've taken to getting tanned at the solarium, since I don't take real sunlight well, scratching myself silly during summer.

1. Nice dress but not sure about the colors :( *scratches head* Would mostly route for the red one.

2. That one looks more like a nightgown to me :S But nice print.

3. Would take the white/orange pack here, I think the orange tone would suit you well :)

4. Orange here, too.

5. You might look like Corpse Bride in that one, which is pretty too :P but prolly not exactly what you're looking for. It is a nice dress, tho, but I think looking better if skin's a tad tanned like the model's.

6. Nope. That kind of color only really goes well with a "cool blonde"

7. Thumbs for this one, too. The golden sequins take away a lot of the otherwise dark color of the dress, so that should fit, too ^^

8. ...I really don't like that one at all *LOL*

Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. As much as I like the black one, number 7, Im glad you like some of my choices, and,much as number 7 is nice, really want to find a nice evening dress with proper colour like orange, dark blue or purple... *argh*
Need to trawl some more websites me thinks..

I'm merely going with the basics. I've worked so much with Photoshop the past years, I keep mixing "colors" in my head, like in this case xD In the end, it's absolutely your choice what you'd like to get. Orange is definitely a good color for you :) Could imagine a dark blue too *nods* Not sure about purple, I guess it also depends on the tone of the purple. 256 million possible colors out there, after all *LOL*

too many colours...argggghhhh!!! im thinking like a violet sorta purple and slightly darker shades.. ;-)

Hi there.
I have fair skin and brown hair so I've gone on what would suit me if I wasn't as large as I am! (mainly baby weight but I used to play rugby as well so...)

1.Alright, would get red/blue pack

2.Good god no. At a pinch I would wear it in bed

3.I have a dress like this in dark green! It's comfy and feminine

4.Orange or green for this one

5.Not really my type of dress. Might be okay if you are uber skinny

6.Agree with seasidh here. This is definitely a blonde dress.

7.Really like this dress one. I would wear this on a night out.

8.Hmmmm. No. I always think leopard print looks a bit tarty.

Hope this helps. x

These two are good for dresses. I like them cos they have a good selection without distressing my bank account!

thanks, I will have a look on each and post my faves to see what people think..believe me, I'm hopeless alone...

Thank you for your feedback. Ive now had two people say they really like no 7. I prob will get it but its not quite what Im looking for for my certain night out. I am going to the mars show in vegas in sept and am lookin for a splash of colour. any ideas? Im open to suggestions!

I think number 7 would be perfect for Vegas! Its got that bit of rock glam. Pair it with some flats if you're afraid of heels.

But that being said, I love this one too:

I think that it definitely would look good on someone who's a blonde, but you might be able to pull it off.

I also love number 4. If you can pull off that orangy color, I'd go with that one because you could wear it again. Its easy to be dressed up or down. Good luck! :)

Hi. You're the third person now who loves number 7 ;-) I'm not great in flats as I have a really slim ankle so if you could suggest a style of heel to go for instead (ideally quite short as Im headin to a club gig in Vegas) I'd really appreciate it.
I like the blue one you put the link up for. I like to think I might be able to pull it off but as yet Im undecided.
I think I could work the orangy colour because of my dark hair, so that will deffo end up on my shopping list.

Thank you for your feedback x

I have a pair of wedge sandals that I love a lot (actually 2 pairs of them) that go with dresses and jeans.

Something similar to this:

I'd recommend wedges over actual heel heels because it'll probably be a bit more comfortable.

Those sandals are really nice. I'm a UK size 5 in most shoes so I just need to work out what that makes me in a US size and I'll be seriously tempted to get myself some ;-)

Also, I know you're out of the country, so I don't know how much this will help you, but I have this dress and its super flattering and adorable, and COMFY:

And I also have this dress, in purple:

Really any of the dresses on their site are great, they're one of my favorite stores (As I said, I dont know how much it'll help you being out of the US, but if I can help, let me know)

Good that you're doing this now, so you have PLENTY of time for shipping, etc.

Thanks for the links, the first one was quite nice actually, not too sure on the 2nd though as I've never worn much patterned clothing before. I will certainly have a browse on the site though.
As you say though, since I am in the UK, shipping, if I do buy anything from the site, will be expensive...eugh. I'm heading stateside in Sept and my clothes are the last thing I need to sort so *crosses fingers*

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