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I have been excited about my Vegas trip in September since I booked the tickets for me and a friend and booked my flights. I am pissed off that said excitement is waning due to said friend not responding to any messages I sent her asking for just some of the funds I am owed.
She is already in the states so has far less finance issues to worry about regarding the trip and because she wasn't online at the time of tickets going on sale, I kindly (or is it foolishly...I'm trying to decide right now cos I am pissed off) got hers for her on the promise she'd pay up. I'm still waiting.
Because of the dress code for the Vegas show, and the fact that, deep down, I'm quite a tomboy and like my jeans way too much, me and said friend scoured the internet to find me some good outfits. I suggested, once said outfits were found on a well known American website, that she order them for me and bring them with her to Vegas; that way she could pay back some of the money she owed and I wouldn't have to fork out on stupidly high shipping costs...still waiting for that to be sorted too.
I have known this friend for about two years (I met her for the first time last september) - so am I wrong to be disappointed in her and her lack of apparent respect for me as well as the fact I've gone out of my way to ensure she can have a good time in Vegas too?
I am hoping this gets resolved and she responds to my messages in the next few days... if not, I can't help but think that the situation is going to get considerably worse..
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How long have you been trying to reach her? Maybe she's just sick or on vacation or busy or has got a computer problem. If it hasn't been too long there may be a perfectly harmless explanation for it. If not, I can totally understand your disappointment and you are right to be majorly pissed off.

I just hope things will work out for you, so you can still have fun in Vegas the way you planned. I know how much you were looking forward to that trip.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I have been trying to get hold of her for five, going on 6 days and yet she has been regularly messaging other people on another social network site. When I message her about something unrelated to the trip, she occasionally replies, but when it comes to Vegas, I get nothing from her. I'm so lookin forward to this trip but Im gonna struggle for funds if she doesnt pay her share...

I hope your problems will be solved very soon and that your friend has only been too busy (or that her computer broke down or.... something )

*sends good vibes*

Thank you for the vibes... unfortunately I know my friend hasn't been too busy as she has been messaging other ppl..*shakes head* *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Im trying but atm she owes me funds for the hotel stay I have booked as well as the GT ticket I have for her. Tbh if she doesnt get back to me I can always resell the GT ticket and earn that money back so I guess its not too bad... Bring on Vegas.

Oooooh, I hope this works out.

I assume you're going to Vegas for MARS in September? I really wanted to go but the show sold out before I could figure out if I had the money to do it.

And definitely want to nail her down asap - but maybe she's been away as someone said, so hopefully she gets back to you soon. :)

I hope it does too.
Yeah Im going; I didn't think the show had sold out to be honest but if it has then that sucks for you, sorry!
I've been tweeting, DMing, BBMing her - she hasn't been away as I know she's been messaging other people, so its just frustrating that she wont talk to me. If she doesn't soon I am going to maybe sell the GT ticket I bought for her..and then it will be her loss.

Maybe you should send her a last message and say 'if you don't get back to me on this by x date, I have no choice but to sell your GT that I bought for you'

The GT's are NOT cheap. I think the show is sold out, which is a bummer but it at least means that I won't be booking a plane ticket from Boston which I couldn't really afford in the first place, so it kinda works out? LOL

And I meant to ask, what's the dress code for the show? I assume no jeans, but could you find a really comfy like, jersey knit dress or something? I have one and love it (and I'm a gigantic tomboy)

That's exactly what I've done and she hasn't got back to me in more than seven hours. I am giving her till tuesday and then anyone who is after a GT (if a friend I know who's interested doesn't get back to me) will have the chance to buy it.
It's only a package one GT but as you say, they are still not cheap...
The dress code is upscale night club so a jersey style knit dress (if I knew what one looked like) would probably be okay..

Yeah, definitely not cheap. I mean, I *Won* passes to meet them for my concert and it was awesome (so was the concert) and I'd love to do GT, but I almost can't really justify it, you know? Its expensive.

The dress code is upscale night club so a jersey style knit dress (if I knew what one looked like) would probably be okay..

I explained that wrong. The jersey style is the type of material. Really comfortable (think - sweatpants) and usually really flattering. You'll be able to tell by feel in a store and online it usually says. I have this one and I love it.

Wow, just clicked on that link you sent me and I have to agree that dress is stunning. Unfortunately I have no idea what suits me as I live in nothing but jeans :-( so I am seriously freaking out now.
I dont know if you have any ideas for me, but if it helps, I have dark (almost choc brunette sorta colour hair) and fair skin. I need to start saving up if Im gonna have outfits for the show because shipping from US stores costs a bomb and I dont really want my parents to know about my packages :-(

I have done some M&G/GT's before, and yeah, they cost a fortune but, for me, because I was with friends, they helped make it worth the money..:-D

Usually anything that is kind of an a-line (fitted on top, then floats away on the bottom) is generally REALLY flattering. That dress that I showed you? A-line.

Don't freak out, it'll be ok! I will try to help you - I'm personally a redhead with kind of fair skin myself. I find that colors that look good on me are teals, purples, emerald green, blues, and black is always an option. :)

If you don't mind me asking, where do you live? I thought for some reason you lived in the US.

Ive been a redhead too..loved it ;-)
I am completely hopeless when it comes to shopping. and yet I love blues and purples. Cant say Ive ever worn green before but that dress you showed me is stunning. Believe me I own enough black...
I live in Lancaster, about an hour away from Manchester in the UK - I am flying 8000 miles for the Vegas show so I deffo have to look good!

Someone isn't a true friend until they've let you down at least once. Only then can you see they're only human.

(Excuse the drunken, quasi-philosophical comments)

Well this is the 2nd time he's let me down (in one way or another) so what to think of her right now I don't know.. Yes she's only human but by God she;s getting on my nerves.

damn... it sucks... but maybe she just have problems to answer or somethign. Hope everything will be ok soon *sends good vibes*

Thank you for the good vibes.. *gives tight hugs back*

(Deleted comment)
Hi. Yeah, here's an update. My friend still hasnt gotten back to me (its been eight days of silence now) so in about 2 hours I am selling her GT ticket to a friend who will actually PAY for it. And Im thinkin of usin the money I get from that sale to get me a ticket to the Tahoe show.
Oh, btw, I am now GT in Hamburg - so lookin forward to the Germany shows.. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Within the next hour, the ticket 'belonging' to the girl who hasn't paid me yet is being sold to someone who can pay for it and Ive been in contact with her for over a year, so it will be nice to finally meet her.
Yeah the theme sounds good but the only thing is, I wear enough black here at home, I've been thinking about something with a splash of colour, like blue maybe? I have a few possible outfits in mind but nothing is set yet.

(Deleted comment)
I love blue and purple, in fact ive found a light blue dress that Im going to order. Have yet to find anything in purple. It's the whole comfy but stylish issue that's proving problematic for me too..*headdesk*

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