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New Wardrobe Crisis..
 I have absolutely no clue about fashion so I'm askin for your help guys. Below I will be posting links to outfits/items of clothing I like the look of. FYI I have fair skin and have dark brunettish colour hair. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback please. You may need to copy and paste links into your browser..

1. These dresses are available in three packs, each with a choice of two colours. Feel free to tell me which ones you like best.



4. - choice of 4 colours, please feel free to suggest your faves.

5. - this is the evening dress I personally really like..




Thanks guys!

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I have a pair of wedge sandals that I love a lot (actually 2 pairs of them) that go with dresses and jeans.

Something similar to this:

I'd recommend wedges over actual heel heels because it'll probably be a bit more comfortable.

Those sandals are really nice. I'm a UK size 5 in most shoes so I just need to work out what that makes me in a US size and I'll be seriously tempted to get myself some ;-)

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