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Writer's Block: Band on the run
Which song associated with musician Paul McCartney is your favorite, and why?

Oooh tough call, but I'm probably gonna have to cheat and go with two.. 'Hey Jude' and 'Yesterday'.
Hey Jude will always be a favourite of mine because I have seen (not personally unfortunately) McCartney end many shows with it and to see the reactions of the audiences as they sing along is just amazing.
'Yesterday' is a song I grew up with thanks to my Dad. He's 69  and grew up on Merseyside, home of the Beatles. He grew up listening to their music and in turn, I listened to it too. I used to hear the song on the radio all the time and even when I was feeling happy, or sad, I would always be able to find myself singing along.
If forced to make a choice between the two songs, Yesterday would be my ultimate favourite Beatles song and just one of those tracks I think everyone needs to hear at least once.

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nice choices :)
I think Hey Jude would be mine *G*
I was lucky enough to see Paul performing it live and so my mum and I were part of one of those crazy audiences singing along with the band :):):), it was really a magical moment, i'll never forget it

You lucky lucky thing!!! *tad jealous*

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